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Rustam Mehmandarov

Passionate computer scientist. Leader of JavaZone. During the past years, heavily involved in the Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin, being the leader, second-in-command, and a board member. One of the founders and organizers of Arctic IoT Challenge. Chief engineer, and a competency network coordinator for IT architecture and integration at work. Community builder. Course instructor. Speaker. Java Champion.

About me

I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Oslo. I have been working as a developer, lead programmer, and architect for over ten years.

In addition to being passionate about agile development, web development, architecture and geographical information systems, I am also a guru of both Linux and Windows worlds.

On my spare time, I work with Java communities: leading and being otherwise involved in the world’s biggest community-driven Java conference – JavaZone; during the past years, being leader, second-in-command, and board member of the Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin; and cooperating with other Java User Groups around the world.

Apart from that, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, working out, as well as coding in Python and Java [but not simultaneously].

In addition to programming languages, I also enjoy natural languages. I fluently speak Norwegian, English, Russian, and Azerbaijani.


I frequently speak at both national and international conferences, meetups, as well as events at various universities.

You can find most of the events with my participation and talks here.


I also offer courses and training in Java-related topics. My latest courses:


Check out my GitHub page for some of my projects.

I participate in localization of open source projects, for instance, Tunnelblick.

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