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Rustam Mehmandarov

Leader of JavaZone and of the Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin. A competency network coordinator for information management at work. One of the organizers of Arctic IoT Challenge. Course instructor. Speaker.

About me

I hold a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Oslo, and I have been working as a developer, lead programmer and architect for over 10 years.

In addition to being passionate about agile development, web development, architecture and geographical information systems, I am also a guru of both Linux and Windows worlds.

On my spare time, I work with Java communities: leading the Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin, and JavaZone; and cooperating with other Java User Groups around the world.

Apart from that, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, working out, as well as coding in Python and Java [but not simultaneously].


I frequently speak at both national and international conferences, as well as events at various Norwegian universities.

You can find most of the events with my participation and my talks on my Lanyrd profile.


I also offer courses and training in Java-related topics. My latest courses:


Check out my Github page.

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